German play for 12-16 year olds

Toured until end of May 2016

"A fantastic performance! Professional performers, excellent script, easy to follow and very comical "
Thornden School, (April 2016)

"Excellent, entertaining play. Language at just the right level. "
Portsmouth Grammar (April 2016)

"..audience of years 7-9. The feedback was excellent. "
Sidcot School (April 2016)

"Very professional performance. Pitched correctly. "
Tunbridge Wells Girls School. (March 2016)

"...hugely professional...the level of vocabulary and structures was appropriate and challenging without being overwhelming "
The Latymer School. (February 2016)

Annika has a drama practical exam tomorrow.
She has written a piece to perform called "Walls".

She has asked Lukas to help her with the performance.

Lukas has an identical twin brother called Dominik but Annika does not know this. Dominik, unlike Lukas, is a fantastic actor full of ideas and whenever Lukas is out of the room he steps in and pretends to be Lukas.

Annika is totally unaware that she is actually rehearsing with two different people creating confusion and frustration as one minute he is great and enthusiastic and the next he is not interested and silly.

In the end she decides to perform it on her own - or will she?

This play is performed by two native German actors; one male and one female.

Zwillinge is all in German and is aimed at students in years 9 - 11.
Many schools also bring in year 8 and/or 11 who can also benefit from it.

Includes student participation.

This play lasts 50 mins
Set up takes 45 mins
Pack up takes 30 mins