Play in French (with some English) for 7-11 year olds

Shipwrecked en France is in French with some English and is aimed at students aged 7-11.
Many schools also bring in 6 year olds who can also benefit from it.

Includes student participation.

This play lasts 50 mins
Set up takes 45 mins
Pack up takes 30 mins

"...fantastic. Good for their level, amusing and educational"
Chigwell School (June 2017)

" The play was brilliantly pitched and EVERYBODY loved it. It was really funny and the way the actors interacted with the children was great.
Thanks again for a brilliant, very funny and inspiring French experience.
Pownall Hall School. (January 2017)

"Absolutely Fabulous"
Winchcombe School. (Novemeber 2016)

Shipwrecked en France

13 year old Tyler is on holiday in France with his mum. While playing in the sea in his little inflatable dingy he didn't realise the strength of the coastal tide as it pulled him out to sea.

Eventually his dingy washes ashore but miles down the coast. There is only one thing he can do, walk, all the way back along the coast, dragging his dingy.

Tyler's march along the beach turns into a mini adventure as he meets many French locals on the way.

Two things are certain; Tyler is going to know a lot more French by the time he gets back and his mum is going to be so angry!

A super story and great way to reinforce and introduce French words and phrases.

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