Spanish play for 12-16 year olds

Toured until May 2016

Primera Cita....

"Fantastic...inspirational..modern and funny. It provides an excellent opportunity for school to extend and enrich modern languages programme. "
ACS Cobham, Surrey.

"Excellent subject matters for teenagers..."
Thornden School.

"The actors were WONDERFUL and our pupils REALLY enjoyed the performance of Primera Cita, even the younger year 8 students whose Spanish is not very advanced......The subject matter was SO topical..... I WILL be booking you for next year again, Andy, that’s for sure!"
Burscough Priory Science College.

Exeter School.

"I would like to give feedback on the wonderful performance of ‘Primera Cita’ this afternoon. Brilliant, the actors were both lively and pitched it just right. The students from beginners to A2 all enjoyed it. It was perfect - just for one hour all the students were totally immersed in Spanish. It was lovely to see the students sit back , relax and enjoy themselves."
Malvern St James.

"Fantastic as always..! "
Wymondham College, Norfolk.

"....just to say how magnificent the actors were, got the boys in year 9 and 10 to participate really well, the level was fantastic, just right, the story line perfect and the actors’ professionalism excellent. I am so glad we booked this, hope to do so next year again "
Christian Brothers School Northern Ireland.

"It was excellent...I have had lots of students telling me how fantastic if was and surprised and proud they were to be able to follow and understand the play. Many, many thanks. "
St Bede's Catholic, Bradford.

"We really enjoy Onatti's productions and we believe that it really helps our students language skills "
Solihull School.

"Absolutely excellent! It's often very difficult to enthuse boys in language leaning - but this hit the nail right on the head! "
Carre's Grammar School, Lincolnshire.

This play is performed by two native Spanish actors; one male and one female.

Primera Cita is all in Spanish and is aimed at students in years 9 - 11.
Many schools also bring in year 8 and/or 11 who can also benefit from it.

Includes student participation.

This play lasts 50 mins
Set up takes 45 mins
Pack up takes 30 mins