Answers to your questions....

Will my students be able to follow the play?

They will have no problem follwing the story.
Onatti has been producing plays in different languages for many years. Our plays are carefully constructed to complement your teaching. We really want to encourage language learning and these plays will boost their confidence.

How do I book a performance?

Contact us, we will give you dates, you choose one, booked! No paperwork.

When are the plays in my area?

Our plays tour all over the UK and IRELAND
(Our plays in English tour to France and Germany)
Please contact us by e-mail or telephone (01594 861593) and
we'll give you the exact dates when the plays are in your area.

Can I provisionally book a date?

Yes. Most schools do - there is no obligation to take it.
We will hold the date for as long as you need.

Do you require a deposit?

But if you cancel less than one month before the performance date we will invoice for a cancellation fee of £200+vat. It is because we will not be able to slot in another school at short notice.

Do you limit audience numbers?


Do we get resources about the play?

Before the play you will receive posters and a vocabulary list plus a small piece of the script.

What will happen on the performance day?

The actors will arrive approximately one hour before the start time.
They will set up.
Bring the children in, quiet them down and the play will start.
They will take 30 minutes to pack up after the performance.

And after the play?

If the actors have time they could chat to all or some of your students, in their native language or English!

How many actors?

Two actors. They do everything.


ALL actors will be be checked in their respective country.

What do we need schools to provide?

Just a plug socket. Oh, and an audience!


The play works better in a school theatre or drama studio - but it is not essestial.
Any room big enough will do.

Block or portable staging?
We prefer not to perform on them, if you are in any doubt contact us.

What about lights?

We do not tour our own lights. They are time consuming to put up and add an extra risk factor.
If your school hall or studio has working lights then we would be very grateful if you could switch them on - if not then normal hall lighting will be fine.


Please note the actors, although very talented, are human beings and could become unwell.
We do not have a spare set of actors sitting in the back for each van
So please be fully aware that if one of the actors is suddenly struck by illness or injury your booking may be cancelled - at short notice - even the morning of the actual day! We are usually blessed with excellent bug-fighting actors and I can assure you our actors will need to be very ill to cancel. But, if this were to happen, we will bend over backwards to re-schedule the visit.


If you would like to ask for a list of available dates when they are in your area - or anything else,
E-mail us