"Absolutely Fabulous"
Winchcombe School. (Novemeber 2016)

"Outstanding performance, students loved it. Fantastic use of cognates"
Queen's Gate School, London (December 2015)

"..a fantastic play. Spanish was very clear and they could all follow it...Well done! "
Bancrofts School, London (January 2016)

"...fantastic. Really relevant to the students and their ability..."
Beaumont Leys School, Leicester (January 2016)

"As always, very interactive!"
International Aberdeen School (October 2015)

Onatti Productions Ltd produces amusing plays in French, Spanish, German and English for students who are studying languages.

All our plays are performed by native actors and we produce different plays aimed at different ages and abilities.

All of the plays are written by us and the stories are modern and relevant to young people. The plays contain some participation with the audience but this is carefully devised and always brings a humorous and enjoyable element to the performance.

The language in the play is very important and we work hard to make sure all the plays are pitched correctly to complement the learning and level of the students. The actors who perform are trained by us to present the performance in a specific style to help the students to follow the play. We use a lot of mime and repetition and certain tricks to enhance their enjoyment.

Our aim is to "Boost the student's confidence" - so they leave, having watched a play in a foreign language, been able to follow the story, recognised many words and phrases AND enjoyed and related to the story.

Before the play your school will receive a vocabulary list and a piece of the script plus some posters.
"Absolutely fantastic...really help them celebrate their learning. "
Newman Catholic College, London. (February 2017)

"...excellent standard as always.
Onatti never disappoints!

Strangford College Northern Ireland, (February 2016)

"Superb production - pitched superbly well to all pupils "
Sedbergh School, (November 2015)

"..wonderful and inspiring Spanish play. Our pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience of listening to authentic Spanish "
Northwood College, (November 2015)

"A fantastic performance! Professional performers, excellent script, easy to follow and very comical "
Thornden School, (April 2016)