A play written to complement FRENCH language learning at secondary level.
Mes Chers Voisins

New play for 2017-2018

This play is a delightfully humorous collection of different storylines linking five different teenagers who live on the same street.

Mes Chers Voisins includes lots of student participation and is a real theatrical treat using relevant French for this age group.

The pupils were so engrossed in the play. Amazing

Slough and Eton School. September 2017

"...excellent...accessible, relevent and funny. Merci! "
St Ronan's College, Lugan Northern Ireland October 2017

"An excellent production...lauguage and storyline pitched at exactly the right level"
St Mary's, Co Tipperary, IRELAND. October 2017

"...fabulous opportunity to hear French being used in a real-life context...memorable experience."
St Killian's College, Bellymena NI. October 2017

This play is performed by two native French actors; one male and one female.

Mes Chers Voisins is all in French and is aimed at students in years 9 - 11.
Many schools also bring in year 8 and/or 11 who can also benefit from it.

Includes student participation.

This play lasts 50 mins
Set up takes 45 mins
Pack up takes 30 mins